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MYSHISHU is a Sanskrit term that means "my child" and your child is the most precious belonging of yours. We promise to hold your hands through this journey of child-rearing in the early years since the time you plan a baby. Our search, research, and experts have developed a few comprehensive courses that deal with all the facets of child growth. Furthermore, These courses cover enhancing physical growth, mental abilities, emotional well-being, social behaviors, and spiritual awakening.

The world is growing constantly, are you?

What makes My Shishu special?

We are building a community of empowered parents through education and skills to navigate every parent on their journey of child rearing, be it a mother or a father or a foster parent.

Parents and parenting platform

Who we are

MY SHISHU is a partner to parents on their sacred journey of parenthood. We are a dynamic library of well-designed courses in various languages.
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Our vision

We aspire to be a trusted partner for families and communities, supporting them in providing the best start for their happy and healthy children.
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Our mission

We aim to empower parents and create a better future with knowledge, skills, and resources to make informed decisions and raise successful children.

Curated solutions for everyday challenges

Oh, you're expecting a baby? Don't worry, with our real-time solutions in pregnancy and parenting, you can handle those sleepless nights and health concerns like a pro!

Parent at heart, Child in spirits.
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