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Our Projects

Project Airport

Our Projects

Project airport is all about creating a child friendly space on the go. Supporting the parents while traveling and providing a dedicated space to the youngest citizens of the nation is our initiative. As per the Skytrax awards, the World’s Most Family Friendly Airport reflects the quality and quantity of family friendly initiatives at an airport. From dedicated family security facilities, immigration clearance to the standard of play areas, baby and childcare rooms, customers rated all of the areas applicable to making an airport more family friendly.

MyShishu Kids Lounge at Airport will cater to the basic needs and rights of a child and a parent.

Following facilities will be planned at the Kids lounge :

  • Play Area for 6 Months to 5 Years
  • Sensorial Area For Special Children
  • Sleeping Cots For Infants
  • Self Help Activities For Above 5 Years of Children
  • Qualified Babysitter
  • Stroller Support
  • Feeding Support
  • Parenting Support to Assist
  • App Monitoring Support

Project School

Project School

Project school is all about educating the parents as they onboard this sacred journey of having a baby. Right from educating the couples to plan a baby and leading them through raising responsible children, MyShishu will partner with them. We will be creating dedicated spaces for the growth & learning of parents and children. We intend to achieve the same with :

  • Providing knowledge through online resources
  • Facilitating Child care and development center’s
  • Collaborate with hospitals, schools, communities and corporates through the Parent Literacy Plan

Project Institution

Project Institution

Project institution intends to go local. We initiate trainings and skill development of scientific child care and development.

We will be qualifying individuals as:

  • Pregnancy Coach
  • Parenting Coach
  • Baby-sitter