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Masterclass on Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Parenting
Dr ABhishek Pasari
Sumit Kumar
Last Update December 4, 2023
5.0 /5
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About This Course

Embark on a transformative journey through the wonders of pregnancy with our exclusive Masterclass, represented as the World of Mother & Baby, WOMB.

This live class along with meditative practices is your gateway to unlocking the true potential of the unborn child.

Dr. ABhishek Pasari, with his 15+ years of rich experience leads you personally to design the baby of your dreams and invoking the divine force in you,

Welcome to the Masterclass on Pregnancy. A nurturing and stimulating home environment enhances the growth and development of your child through love, emotional support, and learning opportunities. It is important to note that the physical surroundings and the geographical location of the child and his social environment have a substantial impact on an infant’s early development.

Watch this video and get more insights into the type of physical surroundings that enhances your child’s physical environment.

Learning Objectives

To understand the needs of each trimester.
To prepare for the changes and learn adaptation techniques.
To form a sacred bond with the unborn.
To understand the dos and don'ts of a healthy pregnancy.
To prepare for unexpected labor, smooth delivery, and early childcare.
To have a birth plan and design the baby of your dreams.
To practice mindfulness to connect with the unborn baby and diffuse all discomforts.


Know Your Pregnancy

Meditation for Stress Relief

Design Your Baby

Advance Pregnancy Meditation

Birth Plan

Sacred Bonding

Parenting starts during Pregnancy

Myths and Misconceptions

Stress in Pregnancy

Nutrition during Pregnancy

Meditation for Overcoming Anxiety

Massage during Pregnancy

Aromatherapy during Pregnancy

Meditation for Relaxation

Sex during Pregnancy

Preparing Dads-to-be

Meditation for Positive Parenting

Importance of first 40 days

Meditation for Pain Relief

Environmental Preparations

Meditation for Healing

Newborn Care


Meditation for Breast Enlargement

Baby Blues

Preparing your Hospital Bag

The Womb Class Course

New Age Parenting Course

Toddler Parenting Course

Your Instructors

Dr ABhishek Pasari

15 Courses
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752 Students
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Sumit Kumar

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Student Feedback

9 Ratings

Reviews (9)

The kind of knowledge they have is mind blowing. Truly recommend ShishuPuram. The way they prepare us for our most blissful journey is amazing. We never knew that parenting could be this fun. Thank you ShishuPuram, specially Abhishek for changing our views. Keep it up 👍

The suggestions mentioned are really awesome.... They are very realistic and easy to follow... Somethings we overlook in our normal day to day life.

Very informative and useful tips for the parents about issues about our children which are very basic and can be handled well with the help of proper guidance.

It's very important for the parents to stop their mind and see their kids with the emotion with which they were conceived and that's LOVE....
Shishupuram helps parents do this everyday with well designed emotionally yours Mantras...
Thanks for keeping the parenting love alive in this racing world....
Best Wishes

In parenting Mantras , shishupuram is best with Abhi pasari.

It's a good platform for parenting tips and guidance.

Deep prenatal knowledge and wonderful care.

Knowledge with Experience shared with love and Passion. Helping Everyone to create a beautiful World. Hats off to Abhi ji and Team. Keep it up. All the Very Best

If you are looking for personal Live sessions, I would highly recommend this course. Absolutely Loved It. Thanks a lot Doc.

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