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15 Month Old Baby | Parenting Guide

Month 15 of Baby | Parenting Guide

15 Month Old Baby | Parenting Guide

Greetings, fellow parents! As we open another chapter in MyShishu’s parenting guide, we dive headfirst into the remarkable fifteenth month of your child’s life. Brace yourselves for an adventure filled with newfound abilities, spirited exploration, and the vibrant emergence of your toddler’s unique personality. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey together in the blog “15 Month Old Baby | Parenting Guide”.

Table of Contents

Movement: Confidence in Every Step

15 Month Old Baby
15 Month Old Baby

At fifteen months, your toddler exudes confidence as they explore the house. Their balance has improved, keeping their arms closer to their sides as they walk. They can now stop while walking, bend to pick up objects from the floor, and even attempt to stand still and kick a ball when encouraged. Climbing in and out of their high chair is a mastered challenge, and they might be able to kneel on a chair while at a table.

This newfound mobility brings about a sense of adventure and curiosity. Your child will enjoy investigating every nook and cranny of your home. It’s important to create a safe environment while allowing them to satisfy their inquisitiveness.

Hand-eye Coordination: Precision and Control

Your toddler’s hand-eye coordination continues to evolve. They can now hold an item in each hand simultaneously, showcasing a firm hand grip and rarely dropping objects accidentally. Playing with moving objects, like watching them roll, has become a favorite pastime. They also enjoy fitting pieces into an inset board puzzle, honing their problem-solving skills.

These skills lay the foundation for future activities like drawing, writing, and engaging in various sports and creative endeavors. Encourage their fine motor development by providing age-appropriate toys and activities that challenge their coordination.

Language: The Emergence of Communication

Communication takes center stage in the fifteenth month. Your toddler can say five or six single words, but they understand many more words than they can express. Reciting familiar rhymes and songs brings them great joy. Their ability to follow a broader range of basic instructions, such as “Let go of the toy” or “Take the biscuit,” demonstrates their growing comprehension.

This phase is an excellent time to engage in meaningful conversations with your child. Describe objects and actions, ask open-ended questions, and expand their vocabulary by introducing new words during everyday activities.

Did you know?

The brain of a newborn accounts for 10% of its total body weight. In adults this figure is down to 2%. By the end of the first year, an infant’s brain increases in size two and half times, and by the end of the fifth year, it is three times what it was at birth. At all stages, the male brain is slightly larger than that of the female.

Learning: Concentration and Pretend Play

Concentration is a strong suit for your toddler, who can focus well until they complete an activity. They’ve discovered the joys of pretend play, either engaging in imaginative scenarios alone or with your involvement. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that they’ll try to tidy their toys if instructed to do so. Sand and water play are now delightful sensory experiences for them.

Pretend play not only enhances their creativity but also fosters cognitive and social development. Join in their make-believe adventures, whether it’s a tea party, a superhero mission, or a trip to a magical land. This quality time together strengthens your bond and encourages their imaginative thinking.

Social and Emotional: Navigating Feelings

Independence and determination shine through your 15 Month Old Baby toddler’s actions. They’re determined to get their way, which can occasionally lead to tantrums when frustrations mount. While they want to feed themselves, they still require some assistance. Their curiosity knows no bounds, as they’re keen to explore everything, whether it’s entirely safe or not. Signs of jealousy may emerge when they witness your attention directed towards others.

Understanding and managing their emotions is a crucial aspect of their development. Offer comfort and support during tantrums, helping them navigate their feelings. Encourage social interactions with peers through playdates and group activities to foster their social skills.

Parenting Tips: Guiding Your 15 Month Old Baby

1. Encourage Independence: Support your toddler’s budding independence by allowing them to make choices within safe boundaries.

2. Communication Is Key: Engage in conversation, read books, and sing songs to foster their language development.

3. Embrace Pretend Play: Encourage imaginative play with toys and scenarios that stimulate their creativity.

4. Safe Exploration: Create a safe environment for your child to explore, but remain vigilant to prevent accidents.

5. Manage Tantrums: Understand that tantrums are a normal part of this developmental stage; offer comfort and patience.

The fifteenth month is an exciting time in your child’s journey. Embrace the triumphs and challenges as they continue to grow and discover the world around them.

Quiz Time: 15 Month Old Baby | Parenting Guide

1. What improvement in balance can you expect to see in your fifteen-month-old while walking?

   a. Wider arm swings

   b. Arms closer to their sides

   c. Holding objects in both hands

2. What is a sign of your toddler’s emerging hand-eye coordination?

   a. Frequent dropping of objects

   b. Firm hand grip and rarely dropping objects

   c. Unfocused gaze when playing with objects

3. How many single words can the average fifteen-month-old say?

   a. One or two

   b. Five or six

   c. Ten or more

4. Why is pretend play important for your toddler’s development?

   a. It’s not important at this stage

   b. It fosters creativity and problem-solving

   c. It helps them memorize stories


1. b. Arms closer to their sides

2. b. Firm hand grip and rarely dropping objects

3. b. Five or six

4. b. It fosters creativity and problem-solving

Enjoy every moment of your toddler’s growth, and stay tuned for more informative blogs from MyShishu!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog “15 Month Old Baby | Parenting Guide”. Happy Parenting!

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