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New Baby: 15 Things To Do Before They Come Home

New Baby
Planning A Baby

New Baby: 15 Things To Do Before They Come Home

Preparing your home for a new baby involves a meticulous and holistic approach, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. The comprehensive guide presented here details 15 essential steps to get your home ready before the baby arrives. From decluttering and childproofing to designing a functional nursery and stocking up on baby essentials, each step contributes to the overall preparedness of your living space. Attention is given to creating specific zones, such as a feeding station and a relaxation area for parents, to foster a harmonious family environment. Practical tips, including the installation of blackout curtains, proper ventilation, and investing in baby monitors, enhance the baby-friendly atmosphere.

The guide emphasizes the importance of a clean, organized, and well-equipped home, ensuring a smooth transition for both parents and the newborn. Following these steps ensures your home is not just a residence but a haven, ready to embrace the joy and challenges of welcoming a new family member.


Welcoming a new life into your home is a momentous journey that demands meticulous preparation. As the anticipation of your baby’s arrival grows, transforming your living space into a haven becomes a top priority. This detailed guide unfolds 15 indispensable steps to ensure your home is ready before the baby comes. Starting with the fundamental tasks of decluttering and childproofing, we progress to the intricacies of designing a functional nursery and stocking up on baby essentials.

Every step is a building block towards creating a nurturing environment for your family. From establishing a designated feeding station to crafting a relaxation zone for parents, each facet is thoughtfully considered. Practical insights, such as blackout curtains and proper ventilation, underscore the commitment to a baby-friendly space. This guide isn’t just about preparation; it’s about crafting a home that resonates with warmth, safety, and the promise of new beginnings.

What is a new baby?

A new baby refers to the arrival of a recently born child into a family. Symbolizing the embodiment of hope, joy, and growth, a new baby brings profound changes to the dynamics of a household. The term encompasses the initial moments of life, encapsulating the joyous anticipation, the miracle of birth, and the subsequent nurturing and care provided by parents and caregivers. A new baby is a source of immense love and responsibility, marking the beginning of a unique and cherished chapter in the lives of those fortunate enough to welcome this tiny, precious addition to their family.

1. Declutter and organize

The first step in preparing your home for a new baby is to declutter and organize. Take the time to go through each room, removing unnecessary items to create more space and a sense of order. Not only will this make your home more visually appealing, but it will also make it easier to navigate with a stroller or carry your newborn from room to room.

2. Childproofing Your Home

Childproofing is a crucial aspect of making your home safe for a baby. Cover electrical outlets, install safety gates, secure heavy furniture, and remove any potentially hazardous items from your baby’s reach. Creating a secure environment ensures that your baby can explore and play safely as they grow.

3. Create a functional nursery.

Designing a functional nursery is a significant part of getting your home ready for your baby’s arrival. Choose a comfortable crib, a changing table with ample storage for diapers and clothes, and soothing colors that contribute to a calm and nurturing environment. Consider the layout for ease of movement and accessibility to baby essentials.

4. Stock up on baby essentials

Prepare for the baby’s arrival by stocking up on essential items such as diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and blankets. Ensure you have enough supplies to last the first few weeks, reducing stress during the initial period. Having a well-stocked baby care station will make your daily routines more manageable.

5. Set up a feeding station.

Whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed, setting up a designated feeding station can make the process more convenient. Keep essential items like burp cloths, bottles, and a comfortable chair nearby, creating a cozy space for bonding during feeding sessions.

6. Invest in comfortable furniture.

Comfort is paramount when caring for a newborn. Invest in a comfortable rocking chair or glider for late-night feedings and soothing your baby to sleep. Verify that all furniture is baby-friendly, with no sharp edges or potential hazards, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

New Baby

7. Establish a cleaning routine.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for your baby’s well-being. Establish a regular cleaning routine that includes disinfecting surfaces, washing baby clothes separately, and keeping the nursery dust-free. A clean home contributes to a healthy and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Prepare siblings and pets.

If you have other children or pets, preparing them for the arrival of a new sibling is essential. Gradually introduce them to baby-related changes and create positive associations. This step ensures a smoother adjustment for everyone and fosters a harmonious family environment.

9. Create a relaxation zone for parents.

Amidst the joyful chaos of a new baby, it’s vital to have a designated relaxation zone for parents. Create a space where you can unwind and recharge, whether it’s a cozy corner in the living room or a comfortable chair in the nursery. This sanctuary allows you to take a breather and maintain your well-being.

10. Install blackout curtains in the nursery.

Promote better sleep for both you and your baby by installing blackout curtains in the nursery. These curtains help regulate light, creating a conducive sleep environment for your little one. Adequate sleep is crucial for the well-being of both parents and newborns.

11. Arrange for Proper Ventilation

Ensure proper ventilation in the nursery and throughout your home. Fresh air is vital for your baby’s health, and good ventilation helps maintain a comfortable temperature in various weather conditions. A well-ventilated home contributes to a healthier living environment.

12. Invest in a reliable baby monitor.

A reliable baby monitor provides peace of mind for parents. Choose a monitor with video capabilities to keep an eye on your baby while they nap or sleep in another room. Having a reliable baby monitor enhances your ability to monitor your baby’s safety and well-being.

13. Create a first-aid kit.

Prepare a well-stocked first-aid kit specifically tailored for your baby. Include essentials such as baby-safe thermometers, nasal aspirators, baby pain relievers, and any specific medications recommended by your pediatrician. Being prepared for minor health issues ensures you can provide prompt care when needed.

14. Plan for Baby-Friendly Storage Solutions

Invest in storage solutions that are safe and practical for a baby-friendly environment. Choose furniture with soft-close drawers and cabinets to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. Organized storage solutions contribute to both safety and order in your home.

15. Set up a Diaper Changing Station

Create a convenient and well-equipped diaper changing station in a central location. Ensure it’s stocked with diapers, wipes, and disposal bins. Having everything in one place streamlines the changing process, making it more efficient for you and more comfortable for your baby.

Additional Common Questions

  1. How do I prepare my house for a baby?

    Make some space in your living area for a playpen, bouncy chairs, and toys. Clear out kitchen areas including shelves, pantry space, and drawers for bottles, cups, silverware, bibs, a highchair, and of course baby food. Make space in closets for baby clothes, diapers, bathing supplies, blankets, and towels.

  2. When should I start preparing for my baby’s arrival?

    It’s advisable to start preparing for a baby’s arrival at least a few months before the due date. This allows you enough time to set up the nursery, buy essential baby items, arrange for childcare if needed, and make any necessary lifestyle adjustments.

  3. When should I clean my house for my baby?

    About a month before the time of your baby’s arrival, you should clean and organize your house as well. A deep cleaning before the baby’s arrival means they will come home to a clean and healthy environment.

  4. What should I wash before my baby is born?

    Get the scoop on why, when, and how to wash a baby’s clothes to keep that newborn skin safe and happy. You should wash baby’s clothes, blankets, and other washable items that will come in contact with their skin.

  5. How do I start preparing for a baby?

    A baby preparation timeline
    – Call the OB and set up your first appointment.
    – Follow pregnancy health guidelines.
    – Read up on pregnancy.
    – Start telling people you’re having a baby.
    – Start to research daycare.
    – Start to research what to buy.
    – Find a pediatrician.
    – Decide on your birth plan and hospital for delivery.


In conclusion, the journey of preparing your home before the baby arrives is a multifaceted endeavor, encompassing practicality, safety, and emotional well-being. These 15 comprehensive steps serve as a blueprint for transforming your living space into a sanctuary for your growing family. From the foundational principles of decluttering to the finer details of creating specialized zones, each element is a testament to your commitment to providing the best environment for your newborn.

The emphasis on cleanliness, organization, and baby-friendly solutions ensures a seamless transition into parenthood. As you conclude this transformative process, your home stands not only as a physical space but as a reflection of your love, care, and readiness to embrace the joys and challenges of parenthood. Your haven is now equipped, and your family is poised for the beautiful journey that lies ahead, surrounded by the warmth and comfort of a home prepared with love and dedication.

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