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Teething issues in toddlers

Teething issues in toddlers

Teething issues in toddlers

Parenthood is an incredible journey filled with joy, laughter, and a fair share of challenges. One such challenge that most parents encounter during their child’s early years is the teething phase. As your little one begins to sprout those tiny teeth, they may exhibit a range of symptoms that can leave both parent and child feeling a bit unsettled. In this blog, “Teething issues in toddlers” we’ll explore the common signs of teething and offer some tips to help parents ease their toddlers through this developmental milestone.

Crankiness – The First Sign: Teething issues in toddlers

One of the earliest signs that your toddler is teething is increased crankiness. The discomfort and pain associated with teething can make your little one more irritable than usual. It’s essential to approach this phase with patience and understanding, providing comfort through cuddles and soothing activities.

Teething issues in toddlers

Swollen, Sensitive Gums: Teething issues in toddlers

Teething often brings about swollen and sensitive gums as the new teeth make their way to the surface. You might notice redness and an increased tendency for your toddler to gnaw on their fingers or toys to alleviate the discomfort. Using a clean, chilled teething ring can provide relief by numbing the gums.

Low-Grade Fever: Teething issues in toddlers

A slightly elevated body temperature is another common symptom of teething. While this low-grade fever is generally harmless, it’s crucial to monitor it closely and consult with your pediatrician if it persists or if you notice other concerning symptoms. Remember that teething itself doesn’t cause high fevers.

Ear Pulling: Teething issues in toddlers

Surprisingly, teething can also manifest in seemingly unrelated behaviors, such as ear pulling. The nerves in the gums and ears are interconnected, so the discomfort in the gums can sometimes radiate to the ears, prompting your toddler to pull at them. Keep an eye on your child’s ears, and if there are signs of infection, seek medical advice.

“Make no mistake about why these babies are here—they are here to replace us.” 

—Jerry Seinfeld

Change or Lack of Appetite: Teething issues in toddlers

Teething may affect your toddler’s appetite, leading to changes in their eating habits. Some toddlers may become pickier eaters, while others may temporarily lose interest in food altogether. It’s essential to offer a variety of soft, nutritious foods during this phase to ensure your child is still getting the nutrients they need.

Teething Woes and MyShishu’s Guidance: Teething issues in toddlers

At MyShishu, we understand the challenges parents face during their child’s teething journey. Our experts recommend a holistic approach to ease teething discomfort. Gentle massages on the gums with clean fingers, offering chilled teething toys, and maintaining a comforting bedtime routine can all contribute to a smoother teething experience.

Riddles and Quiz: Teething issues in toddlers

Riddle 1: What comes in various shapes and sizes, causes a bit of fuss, and helps your toddler enjoy their first bites?

Riddle 2: I’m not a tooth, but I’m part of the teething process. What am I?

Riddle 3: I’m cold, I’m soothing, and your toddler loves to chew on me during teething. What am I?


  1. How can you soothe teething discomfort in toddlers?
    a) Warm bottle
    b) Chilled teething ring
    c) Spicy foods
  2. True or False: Teething can cause high fevers in toddlers.
  3. What is a common sign of teething-related ear discomfort?
    a) Rubbing eyes
    b) Pulling at ears
    c) Sneezing


  1. b) Chilled teething ring
  2. False
  3. b) Pulling at ears

Conclusion: Teething is a natural and necessary part of your toddler’s development, and with a bit of knowledge and a whole lot of love, you can navigate this phase successfully. MyShishu is here to guide you through the teething journey, offering support and expert advice to ensure both you and your little one emerge from this phase with smiles intact. Remember, every toothy grin is a testament to your child’s growth and your unwavering parental care.

Celebrate each step of your child’s journey and remember that parenting is an ever-evolving adventure. Stay tuned for more insightful blogs from MyShishu!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog “Teething issues in toddlers”. Happy Parenting!

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