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What is MYSHISHU? 

Parenting Planning A Baby

What is MYSHISHU? 

MYSHISHU is India’s first multilingual parenting platform that takes charge to assist parents during their prenatal, and post-natal stages. We take care of all your parenting needs right from conception to post-delivery and guide you through the entire process with all the ease and comfort you deserve. We offer exceptionally designed systematic courses that will let you design the baby of your dreams. These courses are designed to enhance the physical, social, psychological, and emotional development of a child which technically begins right at the pre-planning stage.

With MyShishu you can experience new-age parenting and child care that has introduced and adopted technologies to give a new dimension to pregnancy. We cover topics ranging from Sci-fi pregnancy to double-engine parenting to Hi-tech parenting which is 100% affordable and convenient. 


MYSHISHU is one of a kind:

  1. Multilingual: we are India’s No.1 multilingual parenting platform that features well-researched strategic courses in multiple languages. These courses deal with mental, emotional, and physical health care, nutrition, therapies, behaviors, and more. Our exceptionally designed courses guide you through the entire process right from the time of family planning till the time your child grows.
  1. Everything under one roof: We are your one-stop destination for all your pregnancy and parenting needs. Right from when you are planning to conceive till the time your child grows, we offer you systematic guidance throughout the time. The roots of our courses lie in the ancient “Garbh Sanskaar”, where we deliberately select and transmit positive influences through yoga, reading positive scriptures, spirituality, healthy eating, and meditation practices.
  1. Affordable, Accessible, and Convenient Courses: MySHISHU is the most user-friendly application that provides affordable courses starting with a bare minimum of Rs 500 so that it is easily available and accessible to all sections of society. Since the courses are available in all languages it is convenient for users to understand and implement. 
  1.  Freemium application: The free version of the app has a lot more to offer! You can access webinars and short demo sessions which are a great source of information. 
  1. 100% guaranteed transformation: With the proven record of 110% results in a healthy pregnancy, we assure guaranteed parenting transformation, provided the right implementation of these courses in your lifestyle. 

Our strategic courses:

  1. Planning for Pregnancy: Planning to have a baby or dreaming of having one? It’s never too early to begin pregnancy planning. A healthy pregnancy begins before conception, and preconception health care focuses on how to prepare for pregnancy. It can take a few months for some people to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. Other people may take longer. No matter if this is your first, second, or sixth child, making a plan and putting it into action will help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Sign up for this course and develop a full-proof pregnancy plan.     
  1. Pregnancy: This course is designed for pregnant women who wish to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth, and motherhood experience. In addition to providing the guidance you expect from a traditional childbirth preparation course, the Garbh Sanskar, program offers deeper mind-body-spirit work rarely found in traditional classes. We will journey together through the four trimesters of pregnancy (the fourth trimester is the first three months after delivery), exploring strategies for overcoming challenges, relishing pleasures, and answering the questions that result from these powerful transformations. You can begin this course at any time during your pregnancy. This course is designed to enhance your pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood journey with enhanced calm and clarity by providing clear information and empathetic support.
  1. Parenting: There is no room for doubt that parents must take part in practical parenting classes to raise their offspring. Parental involvement in children’s lives and education is significant. Parenting courses like ours provide appropriate knowledge, which helps you feel more confident and make it effortless for you to raise your children.

Why should you download the MYSHISHU app?

A parental and postnatal course at MYSHISHU provides parents with a greater deal of benefits than they expect. As you prepare for the birth of a child, you can find a lot of reliable information about different stages of development, nutrition, and vaccinations. In addition, well-trained coaches provide you with detailed knowledge of basic medical procedures.

Therefore, you will be able to deal with specific and essential emergencies. You would know how to administer first aid to your future babies if they had high fevers or breathing problems. Furthermore, people planning on having a baby will gain an enormous amount of knowledge and experience compared to other parents. Not only can you share useful tips, but you can build a network of parents who share the same parental concerns.

In addition, parents who depend solely on word-of-mouth often misunderstand healthy eating and socialization for their children in the first few years. Therefore, you should download the MyShishu app to take good care of your children. 

To sum up, here’s why you should download the app:

  1. It will help you focus more on your children.
  1. Confusion and miscommunication will be minimized.
  1. The courses will make it evident that you need parenting modification. 
  1. You will grow with your child.
  1. It will prepare you to deal with specific and essential emergencies.

This is pretty much enough to convince you to download the MYSHISHU app and sign up to access the courses. Happy learning, upload parenting!

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