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Teenager Parenting


You’re sitting at your desk, staring at the pile of …

What you'll learn
To identify physical, emotional, and social changes during adolescence.
To develop effective communication skills to maintain positive relationship with the teenagers.
To understand the impact of peer pressure and social media on teenage behavior and learn how to guide teenagers to make healthy choices.
To recognize teenagers' independence, privacy, and autonomy needs.
To develop skills to handle common teenage issues such as drug use, sexual activity, and academic pressure.
To learn strategies for promoting positive behavior and encourage responsible decision-making among teenagers.
To maintain appropriate boundaries and expectations while supporting the emotional, intellectual and social development of the teenager.

Single Parenting

19 Lessons
All Levels

A child raised by one parent is generally just as …

What you'll learn
To develop effective time management skills to balance parenting responsibilities with work, household tasks, and personal needs.
To learn how to manage finances and create a budget that meets family needs.
To provide emotional and practical support by building a strong network of family, friends, and community resources.
To develop effective communication skills to interact with the child in a way that supports their development and meets their needs.
To understand the developmental stages and needs of the child, and support their growth and development in a positive and healthy way.
To create a safe and stable home environment that promotes physical, emotional, and social well-being.
To learn how to manage stress and maintain self-care while balancing parenting and other responsibilities.
To build a positive co-parenting relationship with the opposite gender, to provide the child with both masculine and feminine energies.

The Womb Class

39 Lessons

Welcome to The Womb Class : World of Mother & …

What you'll learn
To understand the needs of each trimester.
To prepare for the changes and learn adaptation techniques.
To form a sacred bond with the unborn.
To understand the dos and don'ts of a healthy pregnancy.
To prepare for unexpected labor, smooth delivery, and early childcare.
To have a birth plan and design the baby of your dreams.
To practice mindfulness to connect with the unborn baby and diffuse all discomforts.

Organic Pregnancy

13 Lessons

Organic Pregnancy With the growing trend of organic living, it’s …

What you'll learn
To make organic choices on your pregnancy journey.
To develop a sacred bond with your unborn baby.
To understand the nutritional benefits of your diet and make necessary changes.
To discover the benefits of massage and aromatherapy during pregnancy.
To learn about different labor and breathing techniques.
To understand the safety and importance of sex during pregnancy.
To naturally combat pain and stress through meditation and yoga.

Happy Pregnancy

8 Lessons

Discover the secrets to Happy Pregnancy: Imagine having the ability …

What you'll learn
To understand the unique science of pregnancy.
To turn dreams into reality through the power of manifestation.
To develop a birth plan to deliver the baby of your dreams.
To discover the truth behind the common myths and misconceptions.
To create a sacred bond with your unborn.
To know the power of meditation and music on the unborn.
To empower your journey of pregnancy.