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Organic Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Parenting
Dr ABhishek Pasari
Last Update November 8, 2023
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organic pregnancy

About This Course

Organic Pregnancy

With the growing trend of organic living, it’s no surprise that many expectant mothers are now turning towards organic pregnancy. An organic pregnancy is all about embracing natural ways and techniques to enjoy a healthier and more holistic pregnancy journey.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your pregnancy experience, consider switching to an organic pregnancy. With a focus on natural and holistic techniques, you can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling pregnancy journey. 

Learning Objectives

To make organic choices on your pregnancy journey.
To develop a sacred bond with your unborn baby.
To understand the nutritional benefits of your diet and make necessary changes.
To discover the benefits of massage and aromatherapy during pregnancy.
To learn about different labor and breathing techniques.
To understand the safety and importance of sex during pregnancy.
To naturally combat pain and stress through meditation and yoga.


13 Lessons

Sacred bonding

As you embark on this beautiful journey towards parenthood, it's important to start building a strong bond with your baby from the very beginning. We'll discuss the ways of establishing prenatal communication, ignite the brain development and reduce stress levels for both you and your baby with the lifelong bonding. Preparing dads-to-be
Sacred bonding Part 111:05
Sacred bonding Part 213:03

Birth Plan

As you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your little bundle of joy, it's important to plan every detail of your baby's birth. Our birth plan session is designed to help you create a roadmap for a smooth and well-prepared birthing experience.

Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnant women should eat well during their pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, your body has to cope with additional demands. Maintaining a healthy weight while getting enough nutrients to support the growth of your fetus is the key. Watch this video till the end to know what forms a balanced nutrition for you and your growing baby.

Massage during pregnancy

This video introduces massage therapy for pregnant women, outlines specific areas to massage, and discusses do's and don'ts. Despite the need for greater awareness and a better understanding of pregnancy, massage therapy offers many benefits during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum periods.

Aromatherapy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about happiness. Besides, why not? The little human inside you will soon become a part of your life. Although becoming a mother is a magical experience, being a mother physically can be challenging. It is common for pregnant women to experience swollen feet and achy backs. Mommies-to-be are turning to aromatherapy to relieve their physical discomfort. However there are many questions, is aromatherapy safe to use during pregnancy? Which essential oils can they use? What are the benefits and many more. So here it is, just sit back, relax and enjoy the video.

Sex during pregnancy

"Every woman's pregnancy journey is unique, including how she feels about sex during pregnancy. In some cases, pregnant women will not want to have sex during pregnancy while others may feel deeply connected to their sexuality and more aroused. During pregnancy, your body naturally undergoes changes, and you may experience changes in your sexual desires. Watch this video to uncover the truths behind this controversial topic and decide the right for yourself.

Breastfeeding Part 1 & 2

Breastfeeding is a choice bestowed by nature to the new mother. It is a beautiful nurturing experience for both you and your baby.

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Dr ABhishek Pasari

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Student Feedback

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The "Organic Pregnancy Course" provides valuable insights into nurturing the bond with your baby. The sacred bonding section is heartwarming and filled with practical tips.

Creating a birth plan is a breeze with this course. It's a comprehensive guide to ensuring a well-prepared and organized birthing experience.

Nutrition during pregnancy can be overwhelming, but this course simplifies it. It offers practical advice to maintain a healthy weight and provide essential nutrients for you and your growing baby.

Massage during pregnancy is a must-learn technique for expectant mothers. This section provides specific guidance on areas to target and the benefits during different pregnancy stages.

Aromatherapy during pregnancy offers relief and relaxation. The video addresses all concerns, making it a soothing and informative watch for moms-to-be.

The "Organic Pregnancy Course" tackles the topic of sex during pregnancy candidly, empowering women to make informed choices. It acknowledges the uniqueness of each woman's experience.

Breastfeeding is a choice bestowed by nature, and this course beautifully celebrates it. It's a nurturing experience for both mother and baby, emphasizing the natural bond.

The "Organic Pregnancy Course" is an invaluable resource for expectant parents. The sacred bonding section is particularly heartwarming, stressing the significance of prenatal communication.

Planning for childbirth becomes stress-free with the birth plan section. It's like having a detailed map for a well-organized and prepared birthing experience.

I was very much stressed. Thanks for helping me out Doc. Highly recommended.

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